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- A Homeowner in Parkersburg, WV


Our Services

  • Home Inspection for buyers $400 (base price)
  • Pre inspection for sellers (call for pricing)
  • Mold testing (call for pricing)
  • Air quality testing (call for pricing)
  • Radon Testing
  • Mold Testing
  • Air Quality
  • Load And Dye Tests on Septic tanks
  • Water Bacteria Testing

Dear Homeowner:

Congratulations on the recent purchase offer on your home. This is an exciting time for you as a homeowner! 

West Virginia Inspection Company, LLC, has been contracted, by the buyer, to perform a Home Inspection on your property.  We want to make your home inspection as stress free as possible, and this can be accomplished with your assistance.  We realize that we will be guest in your home and we will conduct ourselves with the utmost respect for your property.

Please take a few minutes to prepare your home for our arrival and inspection duties.

We will be accessing areas such as under the deck or porch, closets, attic space, and crawl space under the house.  Please make sure these areas are unlocked and are not obstructed in any way.

We will access the breaker panel.  Please make sure that nothing is blocking this area.  If the breaker panel is in the garage, please make sure it is fully accessible and that no bicycles, lawnmowers, or other items are blocking access.

Ground fault breakers will be tripped.  This may necessitate the re-setting of clocks and/or other electrical components.  We do check receptacles.  We will try not to but at times we may have to unplug computers, phones, answering machines, etc.  These items may also require you re-setting them after we leave the property.

We inspect all drain and supply lines under sinks.  Therefore, please make sure we can visually inspect them by moving cleaning supplies, towels and any other items.

We operate kitchen appliances. The dishwasher will run through a rinse cycle.  The microwave, oven and stove top will be tested.  Please remove any and all items from these appliances.

We will run water in tubs and showers.  Please make sure they are free of items.

Make sure all pilot lights are lit.  If pilots are not lit, items cannot be properly inspected.

We open and close windows and operate blinds.  Please make sure window sills are cleared of all items especially any breakable items.

We will enter the attic.  Sometimes the hatch is in a bedroom closet.  Attic hatches are dusty and lifting the hatch may cause insulation or dirt to fall on your personal items.  If your hatch is in the closet, please remove clothes, shelves, or other items that will be affected by entering the attic through the hatch opening.

Please replace any burned out light bulbs.  Lights that do not work are reported as defective, for we do not know if there is an electrical problem or if it is simply a burned out bulb.

We operate garage door(s).  If you have an issue with a door being opened due to a vintage car, etc., stored therein, please remove the car from the garage area.

We are pet lovers; however, for everyone’s safety, please secure your animal in its containment area whether it is an inside or outside animal.  Your animal will naturally wish to protect its territory, and my client and I are strangers.  Therefore, for the safety of ALL, please secure your animal.

You wish to sell your home and my client wishes to purchase your home. The above steps will greatly increase that probability and reduce questions or insecurities my client may have about items that are disclaimed due to lack of access or operation.  These simple steps will allow a smooth and thorough inspection.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at 304 389-3934 or by email at

 Also, if you are moving locally and are in need of an inspector, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Larry F. Perkins, Certified Home Inspector and Owner